If I could describe

If I could just describe what...


I am feeling when I paint,

you would feel the magic that makes me even shake.

Little by little I begin to sketch,

I then add all the colour,

letting new worlds to emerge,

allowing me to escape.

I feel very lucky that I can simply paint

and put my world on paper

with no boundaries or restrain.

With my art I am always trying

for you to just forget

of all your pains and sorrows,

and suddenly appear in my magic world of colours,

where we may perhaps share all the magic and the strength

to follow on your dreams,

by simply looking at my paintings

I want to draw you in.

If I am able to succeed,

then my goal has been achieved,

and my purpose has been met.

Coral Colmenares, Artista Plástica

What's going on?

“The art of life consists in making life a work of art”, Voltaire.


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